Top 5 Reasons to Use Teradek Wireless iOS Monitoring for Your Next Production

Teradek Serv Pro is a hardware device that streams live 1080p video over WiFi to up to 10 iOS devices running the Vuer application. Each feed is viewable at just 2 frames of delay and includes a stereo audio signal embedded within the stream. Check out these reasons to try out iOS monitoring for your next production. 4. Freedom of Wireless Wired systems are at an impasse. While reliable and stable, traditional monitoring devices rely on long stretches of cables on set which means limited range and more stuff to trip over. On top of that, how many times has your crew needed to move on to the next set, only to have to spend time figuring out how to organize and transport tethered systems and heavy monitoring equipment? Productions are moving quicker and crews are getting smaller these days. When you’re moving from shot to shot with short deadlines, the last thing you want to worry about is wasting time hauling around and positioning your equipment. That’s why the Serv Pro simplifies this process on set. With up to 300 ft. of built-in WiFi range (extendable with Teradek Link or 3rd party WiFi routers), Serv Pro allows anyone on set to monitor while moving around freely. In addition, since most of the crew would have their own monitors, there’d be no need for looking over camera ops’ or focus puller’s shoulder, giving them the space to freedom to focus on their roles without interfering with other people. 5. Keep Clients At Bay Cinematographers know this all too well: you’re trying to focus on directing the project but clients are breathing down your neck, taking up precious video village space, following you around, asking nonstop questions. If there’s one thing users of Serv Pro have enjoyed, it’s telling clients to download VUER on their own iPhones or iPads and keeping them happily far from set. Since Serv Pro allows up to 10 iOS devices to connect simultaneously, most productions could spare a connection for clients to pop in and monitor. In addition, thanks to WiFi Assist on iOS 9 and newer, iPhones and iPads connected to WiFi networks without Internet will continue to use cellular, meaning clients can switch between seeing the feed and checking their emails. Conclusion One thing should be made clear though: iOS monitoring isn’t designed as an alternative to traditional wired and/or wireless monitoring systems since seeing a zero-delay feed is critical for DPs on set. However, Serv Pro offers benefits unparalleled by traditional systems like portability and low-cost, making it extremely versatile for all levels of productions..... Click here to read the full article on Teradek's blog

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