Top 5 Reasons Why Adobe’s Creative Cloud Makes Total Sense

DigiMediaDude by Marcelo Lewin

Do you believe in the cloud? I said….do you believe in the cloud? Praise the cloud! Praise the cloud! Ok, so maybe you are not so “gun-ho” about the cloud as Adobe is, but, whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay (the cloud, that is) and Adobe is embracing it completely.

I happen to love the cloud. My entire (digital) life is on the cloud. I really love the ability to access any of my data from any device any time and from anywhere. That’s the promise of the new Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

If you missed it, Adobe today announced that they are no longer selling “boxes” and are now a subscription based software company. Along with that major change, they are no longer calling the app suite, “Creative Suite” (as in Adobe CS6). It’s now Adobe CC (Creative Cloud). So all apps now end with the CC acronym (Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, etc.)

This makes perfect sense to me. Who cares about “version numbers”. It’s about the app. I’m on Adobe Premiere Pro CC period. As new versions (or updates) come out, I’ll get the new version and will always stay up to date on the new version.

Below are my top 5 reasons why Adobe’s Creative Cloud makes total sense: read more...

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