Top 6 Reasons to use Epiphan Hardware Encoders with your School’s CMS

Epiphan recently posted an article breaking down the top six reasons to use Epiphan Hardware Encoders for educational streaming. We're going to break down some of their biggest points.

Pairing an Epiphan Product with either Kaltura or Panopto can prove to be extremely effective for your video lecture capture.

What is a Hardware Encoder?

Before jumping into how to use an encoder, we first have to understand what a hardware encoder is! Encoders are made for video recording and streaming. Every component to a hardware encoder is picked for the purpose of operating the software paired with the hardware.

Why is a Hardware Encoder Better than a Software Encoder?

Lets jump into the reasons a Epiphan Hardware encoder is perfect for educational streaming.

1. Better Performance

A hardware encoder will perform better its software counterpart. This is because hardware converters are designed for video streaming and recording. Their computing power is dedicated to encoding video and audio. Software encoders, on the other hand, sacrifice a portion of their computing power to their operating systems.

2. More Flexibility

Any software encoder will require a capture card and a USB video signal. However, hardware encoders offer more flexibility, with multiple inputs for video and audio. Versatility means more possibilities.

3. Superior Reliability

Say goodbye to an inconvenient windows update or pop up mid video. With a hardware encoder, your broadcast stream will experience no outside interruption.

4. Simpler Installation and Management

Another advantage to a hardware encoder is the easier installation. Without worry for software, software updates and more- your IT team will thank you for picking a hardware encoder.

5. Greater Affordability

Hardware encoders are by far the most cost effective method for large scale lecture capture. With a better value at a lower cost compared to custom built PC's, the choice is almost a no-brainer.

6. Easier Operation

Hardware encoders like the Pearl 2 and Pearl Mini are ridiculously easy to use! This line of products is designed to allow not only a broadcaster, but even a presenter switch and manage a stream.

Learn more in this article from Epiphan

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