Top Eight Reasons to Upgrade to Wirecast 8

If you need more than one reason to switch to Wirecast 8, Telestream can help. They've listed eight reasons to go along with the Wirecast 8 theme. But if you haven't switched yet I hope it's just because you haven't heard about the upgrade. Assuming you have, the list of eight new features should help make the transition to Wirecast 8 easier. Other than the fact that your Wirecast software will run better making your streaming workflow more efficient there really shouldn't be a reason not to upgrade. Either way, here's the list, to read more on the details of these new features click here.
  1. Stream directly to Facebook Live
  2. Easier-to-use than ever before
  3. Titler Live 3 Express or Present for FREE
  4. Built-in remote conferencing with Rendezvous
  5. Display Facebook Live comments on screen!
  6. Powerful new Multi-Viewer
  7. More control and power with pro audio features
  8. Multi-language streaming!

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