Top Reasons to Buy Grass Valley's HDSTORM or HDSPARK Bundle with Edius 5 Software

Grass Valley EDIUSThe Videoguys are very excited to be carrying the full line of Grass Valley EDIUS editing solutions. We have always been big fans of the original Canopus hardware technology and now, under the Grass Valley umbrella, they have taken the industry by storm (pun intended) with their integrated hardware NLE solutions. No other company delivers so much power and performance with such a wide choice of hardware configurations.

Many of the best Wedding and Event videographers choose EDIUS as their NLE of choice. It's so fast and efficient that it's the perfect choice for SDE (Same Day Edits), one of the most popular and fastest growing ways to enhance your wedding video businesses.

Event Videographers also know that EDIUS is not just fast, but rock solid and stable. That means they can turn around more projects, more quickly, which translates into more business!

Grass Valley EDIUS 5EDIUS is also being used by video producers all over the world with tight deadlines who need the most speed, flexibility and efficiency possible. Local news teams and television stations; small corporate production shops; houses of worship; government agencies and the armed forces are all discovering and falling in love with EDIUS . Anyone who has to get the job done fast and without compromise needs to check out EDIUS and our special Hardware bundles.

HDSTORM & HDSPARK hardware cards, bundled with the full version of Grass Valley EDIUS 5 nonlinear editing software, help users making the transition from standard-definition (SD) to high-definition (HD), file-based production in a fast, flexible, and highly cost-effective way.

HDSPARK HDSTORMWith HDSPARK’s HDMI output, it’s simple to connect your HDMI-equipped HD television for totally digital real-time what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editing. Perfect for Tapeless Workflows (P2, XD CAM, AVCHD) and HDV editors who do not require any additional I/O.

With HDSTORM’s HDMI input and output, it’s simple to connect your HDMI-equipped camcorder for capture and your HDMI-equipped HD television for totally digital real-time WYSIWYG editing. After all, if you capture digitally, it should be viewed digitally.

HDSTORM Plus includes the same HDSTORM hardware plus a special breakout box that lets you edit legacy analog footage. The HDSTORM Bay gives you analog connectivity; capture and output from composite, S-Video or component devices – even HD component devices!

Here are just some of the top reasons to buy a Grass Valley Hardware & Software solution including EDIUS 5:

EDIUS GUIEDIUS Delivers Real-Time Editing and Powerful features with Best-in-Class Format Support

  1. Grass Valley™ EDIUS NLE software gives you more real-time SD and HD editing performance than any other NLE. Whether you are working with video filters, keyframed 3D DVEs, transitions, or titles, EDIUS will always deliver, in full resolution, at full frame rate quality.
  2. Harness the power of your graphics card to create real-time, stunning quality transition effects in SD and HD. Again, the benefit is speed of performance – using the GPU as an additional, parallel source of computation means that the CPU does not become a bottleneck.
  3. EDIUS performs on-the-fly conversion of frame rates, aspect ratios, and resolutions of any clip placed on the timeline that differs from the current project’s setting, and can seamlessly edit clips of different formats without transcoding them.
  4. The design philosophy behind EDIUS is focused on being able to work immediately with the latest, cutting-edge video format technology from major video equipment manufacturers, such as Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Canon, Ikegami, and of course, Thomson Grass Valley.
  5. EDIUS has always been at the very forefront of codec technology. It can native edit Infinity JPEG 2000, DVCPROHD, HDV 1080i, HDV 720p, AVCHD, and AVC-Intra material. Few editing applications can boast such extensive native editing support.
  6. EDIUS also incorporates the acclaimed Canopus® HQ intermediate codec, developed to provide editors with the same experience editing HD, as they would expect with SD. This is especially useful for "heavy" codecs – such as AVCHD – which can be edited on PCs with much less CPU power than is required for native editing. EDIUS really provides the "best of both worlds".
  7. Patent pending technology processes everything in the YUV color space to guarantee quality and, above all, maximize speed.
  8. The Multicam feature within EDIUS makes it a snap for anyone to sync up videos, switch between them, and then fine-tune their edit decisions with simple, easy-to-use tools that allow you to concentrate more on your creativity than your computer skills.
  9. A Thomson Grass Valley EDIUS system is not just software. There are hardware solutions available to further assist you in ingest, editing, and delivery of video content, and each hardware/software package is designed to meet a particular level of workflow, be it with analog, DV, HDV, or SDI devices. By designing software and hardware in tandem,we can guarantee superb reliability without sacrificing performance.
  10. EDIUS also includes a powerful software bundle to extend creative opportunities even further. The bundle includes:

* NewBlue video filters: Art Effects, Film Effects and Motion Effects
* ProDAD video effects and image stabilization: VitaScene and Mercalli Expert
* iZotope VST audio plug-ins: Audio Effects Suite, AudioRestore, AGC and Mastering Effects Suite
* Corel DVD and Blu-ray authoring: DVD MovieFactory
* Inscriber titling: TitleMotion Pro for EDIUS
* Artbeats SD and HD stock footage and graphics

Take Advantage of a Pure Digital WorkflowCanopus HQ

  • Capture through HDMI or use the latest file-based formats and output via HDMI to maintain a full digital workflow from capture through to output.
  • Enjoy frame-accurate synchronization between the HDMI monitor outputs and the EDIUS preview screen – making editing and scrubbing more efficient and precise.

HD Storm with Canopus HQ Codec Chip On-Board

  • The on-board Canopus® HQ codec chip ensures high-quality, hiccup-free video capture regardless of your system performance – as well as high-speed, hardware-assisted rendering from the timeline.
  • Unlike other "intermediate" codecs, Canopus HQ doesn't degrade the image. It is designed to preserve full framerate, resolution, and visual image quality.
  • Canopus HQ supports 4:2:2 color sampling with alpha channel. This makes it a great format for motion graphics as well.

Grass Valley HD STORM Plus with Breakout Box, Edius 5 & Firecoder Blu Bundle HD Storm Plus FIRECODER Blu Bundle

  • FireCoder Blu accelerates the transcoding of AVI files to H.264, the file format best suited for Blu-ray video.
  • FireCoder Blu card gives you massive encoding acceleration from the EDIUS timeline to H.264 or MPEG-2 while maintaining exceptional image quality.
  • HD Storm Plus with FireCoder Blu is a fantastic solution for AVHD editing. The FireCoder Blu card will convert your AVCHD files to Canopus HQ in 2 to 3 times real time. So an hour of AVCHD footage converts in 20-30 minutes. Now you get to edit in EDIUS with the Canopus HQ CODEC. Awesome quality coupled with incredible performance.
  • The included FIRECODER WRITER utility software provides basic Blu-ray and DVD authoring tools from any HDV (m2t) and MPEG-2 PS (mpg, m2p) source files.

Videoguys EDIUS Bonus PackVideoguys EDIUS Bonus Pack - Free with any EDIUS Hardware Bundle Purchase From

  • Class On Demand Complete Training for EDIUS 4.5 ($129.95 value)
    We understand that learning a new NLE requires some time and effort. While we want to assure you that picking up and editing with EDIUS will be a snap for you, we also realize that some of the deeper features require some training. With our EDIUS training, you'll learn to use EDIUS' powerful and precise editing tools to create content in any format. Grass Valley's EDIUS gives you more flexibility than ever before, and your host, Michael Downey, will help you master the software.
  • Eye Scream Factory DVD Art Essentials ($29.95 value)
    DVD Art Essentials gives you 20 themes and 80 JPG images to create eye-catching DVD menu backgrounds on your Mac or PC! Perfect for use with your favorite DVD Authoring, Video Editing, and Compositing software applications. Volume I features images for Children, Holidays, Vacation, Weddings, Locations, and more!
  • Eye Scream Factory DVD Art Professional Volume 2 ($99.95 value)
    Customizable, Wedding-themed DVD Menu and Packaging Design Templates
    Create eye-catching, professional DVD menus and packaging in minutes! DVD Art Professional Volume II includes 20 themes and 340 design templates for wedding-themed DVD menus, disc labels, and case inserts. Easily create new looks and styles by adjusting colors, changing text, and moving layers. Many graphical elements are separate Photoshop layers giving you limitless possibilities for new, unique DVD menus, disc labels, and case inserts. A number of template sets include photo and video drop zones.

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