Top Reasons to Buy Grass Valley's HDSTORM or HDSPARK Bundle with Edius 5 Software

The Videoguys are very excited to be carrying the full line of Grass Valley EDIUS editing solutions. We have always been big fans of the original Canopus hardware technology and now, under the Grass Valley umbrella, they have taken the industry by storm (pun intended) with their integrated hardware NLE solutions. No other company delivers so much power and performance with such a wide choice of hardware configurations.

Many of the best Wedding and Event videographers choose EDIUS as their NLE of choice. It's so fast and efficient that it's the perfect choice for SDE (Same Day Edits), one of the most popular and fastest growing ways to enhance your wedding video businesses.

Event Videographers also know that EDIUS is not just fast, but rock solid and stable. That means they can turn around more projects, more quickly, which translates into more business!

EDIUS is also being used by video producers all over the world with tight deadlines who need the most speed, flexibility and efficiency possible. Local news teams and television stations; small corporate production shops; houses of worship; government agencies and the armed forces are all discovering and falling in love with EDIUS . Anyone who has to get the job done fast and without compromise needs to check out EDIUS and our special Hardware bundles.

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