Top Six Reasons to get an Atomos Ninja Recorder

In the blog post titled "6 Reasons to Choose an Atomos Ninja Recorder for Filming" by Nando Harmsen, the author addresses the challenges filmmakers face when using DSLR and mirrorless cameras designed primarily for photography. Harmsen advocates for the use of accessories to enhance the filming experience, with a specific focus on the benefits of external recorders like the Atomos Ninja.

With a wealth of experience in DSLR and mirrorless camera use for filming, Harmsen emphasizes the ongoing limitations of these cameras despite recent improvements. The post highlights the necessity for compromises in quality and functionality when using cameras originally intended for photography in serious filmmaking scenarios.

A key focal point of the discussion is the indispensable role of the LCD screen in filmmaking. Harmsen points out that, while recent camera models have made strides, the LCD screen remains crucial for tasks such as assessing focus, exposure, and composition during filming. The post underscores the screen's superiority over viewfinders and how its continuous use distinguishes the filming process from traditional photography.

Utilizing the compact three-inch screen on DSLR and mirrorless cameras can pose challenges in the field. Its placement may not always be optimal, making it less than convenient for certain filming situations. For instance, when mounted on a gimbal, relying solely on the camera's built-in screen can be far from ideal. Additionally, external connections can add complexity, especially when attempting to enhance the viewing angle with a fully articulating screen. These challenges underscore the importance of external recorders like the Atomos Ninja for overcoming such limitations and improving the overall filming experience.

Nando Harmsen, after grappling with the limitations of using the standard three-inch screen on DSLR and mirrorless cameras, took the step to acquire a secondhand Atomos Ninja V. This external monitor not only boasts a larger screen but also enables video recording on an SSD. Harmsen firmly asserts that this investment has significantly enhanced the quality of his video work. 

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