Trade in your Live Production System to get $1500 off an Epiphan Pearl or Pearl-2

Trade in your streaming and recording gear to get this amazing deal of $1500 off an Epiphan Pearl or Pearl 2

Offer ends December 15, 2017
Pearl Pearl uses a 3rd generation Intel i5 processor to bring you 4 simultaneous 1080p streams at 30 frames per second. It gives you dynamic switching, complete layout control and local video monitoring. Pearl 2 Base Create stunning live video programs by combining, encoding, switching and recording your 4K and HD video. Live stream on Facebook, YouTube or any other CDN from your 12G SDI or 4K HDMI cameras and professional line-level audio.
$6,375.00 $4,875.00 with trade $8,495.00   $6,995.00 with trade
Pearl 2 Rackmount All the same features of Pearl-2, designed for installation in a rack. Pearl 2 Rackmount Twin Pairs two Pearl-2 systems on a rack for maximum space efficiency and the perfect all-in-one system.
$9,995.00 $8,495.00 with trade $19,995.00 $18,495.00 with trade

Here's How Easy it is to end us your old streaming and recording gear and get $1500 off the purchase new Pearl.

1. Complete the Form - Click here to download form

Your name, Email address, and the equipment that you would like to trade in.

Trade in equipment eligible for $1,500 credit

Eligible Epiphan Trade-In Equipment means the following Epiphan products: 
  • VGADVI Broadcaster & VGADVI Broadcaster Pro
  • Lecture Recorder X2
  • VGADVI Recorder & VGADVI Recorder Pro
  • DVI Broadcaster DL
  • VGA2Ethernet
  • Pearl
  • VGA Grid
Epiphan may consider other Epiphan devices however the following devices are not eligible for this promotion: all USB capture cards, DVI2PCIe internal capture cards, Lumio 12X, KVM2USB and all Webcaster models.
Eligible Competitors’ Trade-In Equipment: 
  • Extron SMP 351/352
  • Crestron Capture HD
  • Matrox Monarch HD, HDX and LCS
  • NewTek any Tricaster model
  • Livestream Studio HD models and Broadcaster
  • Teradek VidiU, Cube and Slice
  • Viewcast Niagara 2000, 7000 and 9000 models
  • Blackmagic ATEM Switcher
  • Datavideo HRS, NVS and HDR
  • Haivision Makito Encoder models
  • vMix Go
  • Streamstar CASE
  • Telestream Wireless Gear
Epiphan may consider other competitor's streaming and recording products but in all cases Epiphan has final approval in determining Eligible Competitors' Trade-In Equipment.

2. Order Pearl or Pearl-2 from

3. Once approved, Epiphan will send you a return shipping label. 

Download the Trade In form
Offer ends December 15, 2017 Click here to watch our Epiphan Webinar where we go over this trade in deal and chat with Epiphan's Alex Leibovich

FREE UPS Ground Shipping & $20 OFF every $400 Spent with coupon code 2SDAY (expires 11/5/17)

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