Transform Your Filmmaking: Explore the Latest Atomos Monitors and Recorders

Welcome to the future of cinematic excellence with Atomos, where innovation meets precision in the world of monitors and recorders. Unveiling a cutting-edge lineup that redefines the boundaries of filmmaking, Atomos introduces the Ninja, Ninja Ultra, Shogun, and Shogun Ultra. Elevate your creative endeavors to unparalleled heights as these state-of-the-art monitors and recorders seamlessly blend advanced technology with intuitive design. Discover a new era of visual storytelling with Atomos, setting the stage for unparalleled clarity, color accuracy, and versatility in your filmmaking journey. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring creator, Atomos has crafted a lineup that caters to your every cinematic need. Explore the remarkable features and capabilities that make the Atomos monitors/recorders the go-to choice for filmmakers pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

The best just got better.
The new Ninja is powered by a completely re-engineered operating system – AtomOS 11 – and comes with a host of new features too. 


Above and Beyond.
The new features that come with the Ninja Ultra are designed to get the most out of cloud-based technology and lean into cinematic workflows too.


Go bigger. Go further.
Larger format 7-inch monitor-recorder comes with integrated networking for cloud workflows.


Complete Connectivity.
The ultimate Shogun. Shogun Ultra is your gateway to amazingly fast and productive cloud workflows.


Click Here to watch Paul from Atomos and Jim talk about the next generation of the Atomos Monitors/Recorders: Ninja, Ninja Ultra, Shogun, and Shogun Ultra

Special Offer!
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Buy the Atomos Shogun Connect today at $999 & Upgrade FREE to AtomOS 11 to have the Shogun Ultra with a $200 savings!

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