Transforming Wildlife Photography Workflow: A Collaboration with Atomos Ninja Ultra and Sony Ci Media Cloud

Discover how award-winning photographer and videographer, Mia Stawinski, revolutionized her wildlife photography workflow using Atomos Ninja Ultra monitor and Sony Ci Media Cloud, capturing the essence of nature effortlessly.

In a captivating journey through the wilderness of Botswana, award-winning photographer and videographer, Mia Stawinski, showcases the seamless integration of Atomos Ninja Ultra monitor and Sony Ci Media Cloud in her latest project. With a focus on preserving the raw beauty of nature and wildlife, Mia unveils how this ultimate pairing transformed her workflow, elevating her craft to new heights.

Unlocking the full potential of her Sony A7R V mirrorless camera, the Atomos Ninja Ultra monitor empowered Mia to record in ProRes RAW, simplifying her setup and allowing for uninterrupted focus on capturing breathtaking moments. By harnessing the power of ProRes, Mia preserved every intricate detail, vibrant hue, and dynamic range in her footage, ensuring a true-to-life representation of the wild.

Equipped with essential monitoring tools such as focus peaking, zoom, and vectorscope, Mia seamlessly reviewed her footage, all while maintaining a discreet presence to avoid disturbing the natural habitat of her subjects. This newfound efficiency afforded her more time behind the camera, enriching her storytelling with every frame captured.

With the seamless integration of Sony Ci Media Cloud, Mia transcended the constraints of traditional file management, securely storing and accessing her footage from anywhere in the world. Collaborating with clients became a breeze as they provided real-time feedback through the intuitive platform, resulting in a final product that surpassed expectations.

Gone are the days of cumbersome file transfers and reliance solely on internal recording capabilities. With Atomos Ninja Ultra and Sony Ci Media Cloud, Mia's workflow has undergone a revolutionary evolution, allowing her to focus on what she does best – immortalizing the untamed beauty of the natural world.

Watch the full video from Atomos below:

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