Transition 2: FCP Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro

Biscardi Creative Blog by Walter Biscardi

As we transition from Final Cut Pro to another NLE, I’m running a series of tests to determine which NLE will best suit our needs.

I got such a response from the first of our Transition series that I’m really glad to be able to bring you part 2. The biggest question I’m getting is “how will my Final Cut Pro workflow translate if I go to another NLE?” For many of you, there are many years of workflow development, keystroke memorization, etc… that you just don’t want to have to be forced to give up.

As in the part 1 of Transitioning, we’re looking at Adobe Premiere Pro. Do we have to re-train ourselves completely or develop an entirely new workflow to use Premiere? I take a look at the basic layout of the two applications and some of the basic features used in FCP to see how they translate over.

This is not a tutorial by any means, but more of a walkthrough to help those of you who are considering whether to stay with Final Cut Pro or transition to something else.

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