Transition Effects

Videomaker by Chuck Peters

There's much more to visual communication than simply slapping a series of shots together. With video, you need to think about the way you connect your shots.

When we think about writing we tend to focus primarily on creating strings of letters to make words and strings of words to make sentences and groups of sentences to make paragraphs. We do not often think about the importance of spaces and punctuation.
butwithoutspacesand periodsandcommasand questionmarksandcapitall ettersyouendupwithaconfusing combinationofcharacters thatcanbedifficulttodescipher

Translation: "but without spaces, periods, commas, question marks and capital letters you end up with a confusing combination of characters that can be difficult to decipher."

It's true. When we read we don't often think about the spaces, commas, hyphens, apostrophes and periods on the page, but without them we quickly become confused. They are essential aspects of reading and writing. While our brains are actively processing words, sentences and paragraphs on a conscious level, our subconscious minds passively dance over the gaps and punctuation marks, adding understanding that allows us to accurately interpret the intended meaning of the writer. While most of us never stop to contemplate the importance of those gaps, marks and squiggles that we use when we write, the shared unconscious understanding of what they mean is absolutely essential for there to be communication that breeds comprehension. read more...

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