Transitioning: An update on our new Paradigm

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There’s been so much talk about a “new paradigm” and “a new beginning” lately courtesy of Apple. Defenders of the “new paradigm” are quick to point out that this is an entirely new application, nothing like it has ever been done, therefore, Apple had to break with all convention to create Final Cut Pro X. It’s stripped down now, like Final Cut Pro 1, but give it time and the things we “need” will be added back over time. It has so much “potential for the future.”

The more I work with Adobe Premiere Pro the more I just don’t understand that mentality. Why wait? Premiere Pro already includes the “missing elements” of FCP X and so much more it can’t do.

Here’s what I was doing today.

What does that equal? Very nice realtime editing on a system that I would never expect to have so much. Since I don’t have to convert to ProRes, I’m working with much smaller and efficient files directly off the Canon DSLR cameras. I’m also working with Photoshop layers using opacity changes and such. Here’s a look at a portion of the timeline.

So you’re looking at a scene from our recent Atlanta Cutters Meeting. First, there’s two layers of 720p/59.94 HD video from a Canon DSLR. It’s just one layer playing above the other, no picture in picture, I just lined up the two cameras. read more...

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