Trapcode Form Generates Mind-Blowing 3D Visuals

Create Organic 3D Shapes Synchronized with Audio in Adobe After Effects Trapcode FormSan Francisco, CA, November 15, 2007 – Red Giant Software is pleased to announce the availability of Trapcode Form, an organic 3D shape generator that allows users to create a wide variety of wild animations, from text logos that blow away like sand to surfaces that move like rolling fire or billowing smoke. All the unique 3D designs in Form can also be driven by audio to create visions that move with the beat.Trapcode Form comes with 61 customizable presets, as well as the ability to tweak them to get just the right look. Full integration with After Effects’ 3D environment allows users to fly cameras through and around the animated forms.
  • Create mesmerizing animations like the ones in Apple’s iTunes visualizer, all within After Effects
  • With direct integration of After Effects 3D camera, Form offers true 3D surfaces and volumes
  • More than 60 presets to quickly create audio reactors, terrain flyovers, and more.
Product Highlights /p> Audio Reactors Form offers built-in audio reactors where the bass beat, a tambourine hit, or a lilting voice track can drive the motion, color, opacity, displacement, and other variables to generate mind-blowing visuals. Powerful Presets Presets offer an easy starting point for novices and motion graphics professionals alike. The 61 presets are divided into five categories, including animation set to audio, flight presets that generate 3D terrain flyovers, and unique animations perfect for lower third titles. Customize It Form also offers fantastic flexibility with ability to drive color, displacement, size, and more with images sourced from any layer in After Effects. This lets you generate everything from a logo that blows away like sand to a full 3D model of the Earth. Pricing and Availability
  • Trapcode Form is $199 USD and works with After Effects 7.0 / CS3 only on Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Trapcode Form is one of the plug-ins in the Trapcode Suite 2008 collection, which sells for $799 USD.
Current Trapcode Particular customers qualify for a $50 USD discount on Trapcode Form from now through December 15, 2007. To participate, users need to complete the following online form. After completing the form, users will receive the Coupon Code. Online Form to Apply for $50 Discount:

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