Trapcode Suite 12 is Here!

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Introducing Trapcode Suite 12 - the industry standard for broadcast and 3D design.

Get Trapcode Suite 12 HERE.

In short, here’s what’s new in Trapcode Suite 12 (see below for detailed info):

1. Trapcode Mir – Brand New Motion Design Tool

2. Guru Presets- 105 Particular/Shine from MoGraph artist David Vinson included in the installer package.

3. Maintenance Updates for: Lux, Echospace, Particular, & Form

1. Trapcode Mir: Create 3D motion design at OpenGL speed

Get Trapcode Mir HERE.

The core of Trapcode Mir is simple and powerful: A mesh object that’s made of polygons, shaped by fractal noise, and textured and illuminated in a 3D environment. Mir uses the OpenGL rendering (hardware acceleration) so feedback and rendering is FAST!

Please download a Trial Version to test with your machine before purchase to see if your system performs well with Trapcode Mir.

Trapcode Mir is a powerful and fun plug-in that can do a lot. So to help you get started using Mir, Harry Frank has created 17 Mir Presets - found in the AE Effects and Presets Panel. They’ll be installed with Mir and Trapcode Suite 12.

2. Guru Presets Now Included:

Don’t forget, David Vinson’s Shine and Particular Preset installers will be included in the installer package. They have their own separate installers (found in the “extras” folder) and serial codes (that will be sent to you with your order of Trapcode Suite 12).

3. Bug Fixes:

  • Form and Particular – fixes the issue of CS6 not updating sprite textures, layer emitters, and layer maps correctly when editing an input layer.
  • Lux 1.3.0 - adds dither for 8 and 16 bit (smoother gradients Lighting)
  • Echospace – fixes a bug with Layer Delay.


  • Trapcode Suite: $899
  • Trapcode Mir: $99
  • Trapcode Suite 12 Upgrade: $99
  • Trapcode Suite 12 Special Upgrade: $499 (Existing Customer Special. If you own Particular v2, or any four Trapcode products get the entire suite for only $499)
  • Trapcode Suite Academic: $499
Just bought Trapcode Suite 11? No worries! As a part of our Red Pledge Guarantee, customers who bought Trapcode suite 11 in the last 30 days, get a free upgrade. A coupon code will be emailed to you shortly.

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