TriCaster 2-Minute Tutorial: Use Facebook Live Plugin

2-Minute Tutorial: How to Use the Facebook Live Plugin in TriCaster Advanced Edition

NewTek head of training Don Ballance brings you the very easy and quick steps for streaming to Facebook Live with the new plugin for TriCaster Advanced Edition. The plugin adds Facebook Live to the list of streaming presets, and you simply select it, make a couple of choices about the options for your stream, and start the stream. You can also use the preset to stream prerecorded material to Facebook Live.

Facebook Streaming Tutorial from NewTek on Vimeo.

Q & A:

Q: Can you also stream Facebook Live on Facebook Groups? A: Yes, you can. Here’s a link to an article on some of the recent features Facebook has added to Facebook Live: Facebook Live expands features to include chats within groups, event pages Q: Can you stream to Facebook Live with TriCaster Standard Edition? A: Yes, TriCaster Standard Edition has also been updated to include a new preset for Facebook Live. Standard Edition cannot use the same plugin, so more manual configuration is required on the part of the user...[continue reading]

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