TriCaster Mini Packs a Whole TV Studio Into a Carry-On

Mashable by Pete Pachal

The original TriCaster, which NewTek launched in 2005, put the power of a TV studio into a single console. It was made to be transportable, letting operators move the system from place to place in a few heavy bags, and set it up or break it down in less than an hour.

For the TriCaster Mini, things get compact to the extreme. The system puts broadcast-TV power into a device not much larger than a handbag (although quite a bit heavier at 10 pounds). And it can be set up, complete with cameras and a virtual set, in less than five minutes.

I know how fast it is to set up because when NewTek came to the Mashable offices to demo the TriCaster Mini, they brought all the needed gear with them in just a couple of duffel bags, and they beat their self-imposed limit with seconds to spare. The system comprised the Mini, a monitor, a Canon Vixia camcorder, a GoPro, a green screen with a frame, two tripods, two stand-up lights and the needed cables.

Before the five minutes were up, the TriCaster Mini was up and running, ready to broadcast or record from the on-the-go studio they had set up. A few minutes after that, one of the presenters was doing a "live" broadcast from a virtual set made to look like the grounds just outside the Eiffel Tower. read more...

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