TriCaster Mini for Worship: Getting Started

This is a fantastic video by Church Training Academy! These guys know their stuff because they usually use a full blown TriCaster 8000. In this video they show you just how incredibly powerful and easy to use the mighty TriCaster Mini for Worship really is!
Tricaster HD Mini 4 is a near bullet proof broadcast and live streaming solution for just about any organization. The Tricaster makes it easy for churches and ministries to broadcast, record and stream with multiple cameras, including their ProPresenter computer. And the beauty of Tricaster is that it can be done using a minimal amount of people. If you have volunteers that can man a camera, and one to live switch, you're all set. If you only have one volunteer to run ProPresenter, and one to switch, you're all set. Just set your cameras to the appropriate shots you need, and get started. Visit Church Training Academy for more great How-To's and training and Maximize Your Ministry!

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