TriCaster TC1 Get Started Training Series

The TriCaster TC1 Get Started Training Series gives you the information you need to begin using this powerful system to produce live video.

Get to know your TriCaster TC1 with these videos below!

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Learn how to setup the hardware and connect the external devices and systems needed for your productions.

Get started with the basic settings and how to setup your first session.

Find out about your TriCaster's live production interface.

Learn how to setup live video inputs for your productions.

Discover and use the live production switcher.
All the info you need on TriCaster's built-in media servers.

Accommodate guests by bringing in remote video calls using Skype TX.
Raise your streams production value with the four mix effect buses.
Learn about using audio in the TC1.
Everything you need to know about macro automation
Finally, here's how to deliver your professional production to your viewers.

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