The Truth About Video Editing Software in Hollywood

Check out this 5 things segment by Michael Kammes on the truth about Video Editing Software in Hollywood. Learn who is using which software and for how long.

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1. Avid Media Composer A large part of understanding one’s popularity is to examine WHY it’s popular. And that requires sharing the most brief of history lessons. OK, do you remember a time before Internet connected cell phones? Now, try and remember how our daily lives changed when most everyone had one of these devices. History of mobile device media consumption. It was a definite shift in how we consumed media. Now, imagine that, only with the CREATION side of media. This was Hollywood in the early 90’s. Digital video cameras were still very new, and limited to standard definition. There were many companies toying with building digital editing software, but none really took hold. That is, until Avid Media Composer came along in the early 90’s. By building a digital editing platform, based on the terminology and methodology the experienced film editors knew, Avid was able to make the industry adoption of their technology much easier. Thus, we already have 2 reasons Media Composer was popular: it appealed to the sensibilities of the user base, and it was one of the few solutions out there. Avid also built around their ecosystem, including not only their own shared storage, but having the top audio editing system in the industry; Pro Tools, by then Digidesign, giving users a complete solution tech partner to work with. We call this the “one throat to choke” paradigm.... Click here to read the full article on 5 Things

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