TURBO CHARGE Your Professional SD & HD Editing with the Adobe Production Studio Premium & Matrox RT.X2


Matrox RT.X2 & Adobe Production Studio Premium Now Only... $2,495.00

The more realtime performance your editing system provides, the more time you can spend creating, not rendering. If you edit with Adobe Premiere Pro software alone, applying a filter, transition or effect with more than one layer of video may require rendering. Combine the Adobe Production Studio Premium with the Matrox RT.X2 and turbo-charge your system with these features and more:

†¢ Realtime editing of HDV 1080i & 720p (including JVC ProHD at 50 and 59.94 fps) †¢ Play back Multi-Layer DV & HDV timelines in real-time - even mixed timelines with HDV & SD! †¢ View complex HDV timelines that do require rendering up to 10 times faster! †¢ Preview your HD timeline via the component output of the RT.X2 Breakout Box or on an inexpensive HD monitor with the DVI output of the RT.X2 board †¢ Export to DVD and other multimedia formats 2.5x to 4x faster than with software alone!

ATTN Adobe Premiere, After Effects & Photoshop Owners: Upgrade & Save $300 More!
For a limited time only upgrade from any version of Adobe Premiere or Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects or Adobe Photoshop to this complete bundle with Adobe Production Studio Premium and Matrox RT.X2 Hardware plus FREE Training DVD from Class On Demand

RT.X2 Hardware & Production Studio Upgrade $2,195.00

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