Tutorial: Adobe Dynamic Link

Event DV By Luisa Winters Dynamic LinkWhen companies like Adobe, Apple, or Avid bundle their postproduction tools in "Studio" suites, there are two key selling points: price and integration. Price is a given; you can always get significant savings if you go for the packaged deal instead of buying each of the tools separately. But integration is another story. How well do the tools work together? Are there similarities in the interfaces, such that if you learn one you'll have an easy time mastering the rest? Even more important is the ability to move a project fluidly from one to the others without having to open and close different applications and render in between as you would if you mixed and matched tools from different vendors such as Sony Vegas and Adobe Encore, or Avid Liquid and Adobe After Effects. Adobe has arguably taken this type of suite integration—seamless interplay between applications—farther than anyone else to date with the recently released Adobe Production Studio, thanks in large part to one key new feature: Dynamic Link. read more...

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