Tutorial: Authoring and Burning Blu-ray Discs in Adobe Encore CS3

EventDV by Chris Randall Encore CS3 It appears that the wait for a Blu-ray Disc authoring solution fully integrated with a mainstream pro NLE is over, with software giant Adobe selecting Blu-ray as their format of choice for delivery of HD video in the new CS3 version of Encore, which debuts in July with the release of Adobe CS3 Production Premium. Here's a quick walkthrough of Blu-ray Disc workflow in Encore CS3. With the variety of new, lower-cost HDV video cameras on the market today, just about any event videographer can afford to shoot in high definition. Recent versions of popular NLEs have been upgraded to handle HDV editing, and most new editing systems can handle the processing demands associated with HDV postproduction. Unfortunately, due to the format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray, the video production world has been waiting for a solution to deliver HD content to their clients, and fit the technology into their workflow the way DVD Studio Pro has integrated with Final Cut Pro, DVD Architect with Vegas, and Encore DVD with Premiere Pro. And in the absence of HD DVD burners up to this point, most of us are waiting for an answer from the Blu-ray side. read more...

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