Tutorial: Creating Blu-ray Disc Pop-up Menus in Adobe Encore CS4

Encore Pop-UpEvent DV

One of the coolest new features in Adobe Encore CS4 is the ability to insert pop-up menus over video in Blu-ray Disc projects, a feature unique among authoring programs in Encore’s class. In this tutorial, I’ll describe how to implement that feature, as I did in a simple project I produced in early fall.

We’ll start in Premiere Pro CS4, if only to have a brief look at one of CS4’s most significant advances. As with Premiere Pro CS3, you can add Encore chapter markers to your timeline. I recommend you take this approach, simply because it’s easier in Premiere Pro, where you have visual clues such as titles and waveforms to guide your efforts.

Step 1: Send Your Sequence to Encore
When you’re ready to begin authoring, click Adobe Dynamic Link > Send to Encore (Figure 1, below). This will send your Premiere Pro sequence, with all the chapter markers you added, directly to Encore without requiring you to render. read more...

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