Tutorial: Designing Dynamic DVD Menus with the Adobe Video Collection

AE DVD MenuAward-winning videographer and Adobe certified trainer Luisa Winters presents a step-by-step tutorial on how to create customized motion menus in Encore DVD, maximizing the interchange capabilities of the Adobe Video Collection. When it comes to DVD authoring, one of the things that greatly differentiates a consumer-authored DVD and a professionally made one is presentation. Pretty covers and elegant labels are a nice bonus, but they do little to distinguish a DVD once it's in a player. The real hallmarks of professionally authored DVDs are the menus, the navigation tools that the user will have to use to access the information that the DVD contains. DVD is a nonlinear medium by design; if you're authoring DVDs that can play only sequentially, you're not taking advantage of the technology's strengths or offering your clients much that they couldn't have gotten in the VHS era. Menus enable users to access any desired part of the DVD instantly. But that's just the functional side of menus. DVD menus do not have to be boring or plain; they can convey the video's essence and even entice the viewer to sample some particular part of the DVD ahead of others (bloopers, outtakes, etc.). read more...

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