Tutorial: Final Cut Pro X: Track Based Editing

LAFCPUG by Richard Taylor

I really like the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro X. I find it a refreshing modern way of editing video. But if you prefer, it is very easy to override its magnetic features by using the Position tool instead of the main Select tool. This method allows you to freely move clips in the Timeline and leave gaps in their place.

If want to use Final Cut Pro X and you'd like to edit the traditional track based way without the Magnetic Timeline like in Final Cut Pro 7, for the most part you can with Storylines. I am using the term track instead of Storyline in this tutorial for simplicity's sake because Final Cut Pro X doesn't actually have tracks. Tracks = Storylines = containers. This technique is for organizing multiple clips in a single track. If you are just dealing with a few single clips, you can attach them to the Primary Storyline. You also can use tracks in FCPX in combination with its Magnetic Timeline.

Let's get started with track based editing. In Final Cut Pro X, make an Event and import into it the media that you'd like to edit track-based. Click inside of your Event Browser and then go to the File menu and choose "New Compound Clip" or use the keyboard shortcut Option - G. This will create a new Compound Clip in your Event Browser. I'm using a Compound Clip to simplicity this tutorial but this would also work in a Project Timeline. read more...

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