Tutorial: Multicamera Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Streaming Media Mgazine by Luiso Winters

Adobe Premiere Pro Instructor extraordinaire Luisa Winters explains how to use the new and enhanced Multi-Camera Monitor for quick and efficient multicam edits in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 in this video and text tutorial.

Welcome to this tutorial on how to use multi-camera editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. As anyone who shoots events with multiple cameras knows, using a multicamera interface like the one found in Premiere Pro CS6 can be a huge timesaver in post, making your multicamera edit as efficient as a live switch (though not nearly as high-pressure).

Finding a Sync Point

To do a multicam project using Premiere Pro CS6 the first thing you need to do is to import the footage from your cameras into the Project Panel (Figure 1, below). Next, you need to tell Premiere Pro where the clips sync.

All of the clips shown in Figure 1 have slightly different timecode numbers. When I was shooting the 7-camera shoot captured in these clips, I used a hand-clap to sync the cameras. So what I need to do is to find this clap in all of the clips and place a marker in this place to tell Premiere Pro to use this as the common point between all of the cameras. read more...

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