Tutorial: PTZOptics to BoxCast via RTMP

PTZOptics and BoxCast are a great live streaming solution, and once you understand how to hook it up you’ll have an excellent solution to get started streaming.

This article will walk you through the steps needed to connect your PTZOptics camera to BoxCast via RTMP

Step One:

Power up your camera, and make sure you have a monitor plugged in via HDMI or SDI.  Also make sure your camera is plugged directly into your network.  

Step Two:

Hit the number four on your remote, which will reset your camera and set it for DHCP.  This allows your camera to receive an IP address from your network. 

Step Three:

Go to your computer and download the upgrade tool from PTZOptics website.  Follow this link to find that download.  https://ptzoptics.com/firmware/

Step Four:

After downloading, open the software and select the search option in the top right corner.

Step Five:

Select the camera that pops up in your search results and click "config".  This will allow you to change the mode to DHCP, and then set the camera in this position.  After this you will need to reset your camera and repeat the search step on the new IP. 

Step Six:

Return to the upgrade tool, use this to find your cameras IP address.  Then, take this IP address and type it into your web browser.  After this has been done log into the camera on this page, with the username and password "admin". 

Step Seven:

Its now time to configure your camera and send it to BoxCast.  This is going to be done via RTMP.  Go to your Network on the left side of the screen:

Step Eight:

Head to your BoxCast dashboard and create a new source, for your PTZOptics camera.  Copy this RTMP URL to your clipboard.  

If you don't know how to do this, check out this article from boxcast to learn more. 

Next, go to RTMP settings in the PTZCamera tool.  Look under first stream, and select On.  Check the video and audio boxes, and then paste your RTMP here.  

Step Nine:

Once your RTMP is pasted, click on system.  Then select "REBOOT".  This will apply and enable RTMP settings.  Now your camera will be able to send a signal to BoxCast.  

Check out this article from BoxCast to learn more.

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.




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