Tutorial: Sound Removal, Auto-Speech Alignment, and More in Adobe Audition CC

Streaming Media Producer by Paul Schmutzler

In this tutorial I'm going to walk you through a couple of the new features in Adobe Audition Creative Cloud (CC). I imagine that lot of you have probably updated, while some of you are still on the fence. I’m going to show you a couple of the new things that you have to look forward to when you decide to upgrade, or when those of you who have upgraded but haven’t explored its features yet start using it in your projects.

Note that to follow along with the text of this tutorial, you’ll need to refer to the video version embedded in the article if you want to hear the audio issues I’m describing in the example clip. I’ll supply timecodes so you can jump right to the spot where I play the clips.

Sound Remover

The first feature I want to show you is called Sound Remover. If you've ever used some sort of noise removing tool in any other app, you'll find that it's similar, but distinct in a small way. I have a track here that I recorded straight from a vinyl record through a USB turntable. You can see that there's a little bit of low hum where the pointer is hovering in the waveform shown in Figure 1 (below)

It's not very perceptible, probably, listening to this online. But there is a distinct hum if you listen to it on a good set of headphones or speakers. If you listen closely, you can get a sense of what it sounds like at the 1:00 mark in the clip below. read more...

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