Tutorials: Avid Media Composer for Liquid users

We are working with Avid on a special upgrade program for Liquid customers to purchase Media Composer. The details are still not finalized and the actual upgrade will be the 3.0 version. In the meantime, here are some great tutorials froma Liquid users perspective on the best new tools in Media Composer and how to use them. Thanx Doug for all your hard work! Liquid to MC Soft Are you considering a migration from Liquid to MC? Although Liquid provided me with all the functions I needed in an NLE I felt that my Scottish sense of exploration and discovery needed a new challenge. I got the opportunity to purchase MC for a very reasonable price at the end of 2007. I found an Nvidia QuadroFX 3500 card on EBay and before the box with MC arrived at the start of 2008 I had built a reasonable machine to house it. After starting my adventures in MC I began to realise I would have to abandon most of the editing habits I had learned in Liquid. Trying to transfer my "drag and drop" editing methods to MC were proving to be too cumbersome. Watching many online tutorials on a number of sites - including Avid's own - helped me over many of the stumbling blocks. Then I had this flash of inspiration - Why not try and make a series of tutorials to help any other Liquid users following in my footsteps? I already had Camtasia Studio, but had never really gotten into it yet. Killing two birds with the one stone I started making the tutorials. I had one main objective in mind: Make them simple and make them natural. I sometimes feel that well rehearsed, fast-talking tutorials, although they get the message over efficiently, can be a little intimidating. I am not yet familiar with the correct nomenclature for all the functions in MC, but I hope that my tutorials will make the entry into the MC world, for any Liquid migrants, much easier. Regards, Douglas -Kumamoto, Japan Click here for Douglas's fantastic tutorials

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