TV Technology: NewTek TalkShow is really slick

er-NEWTEKNewTek Talkshow is a breakthrough product that delivers outstanding audio and video quality via Skype for integration into broadcast television productions. Developed with support from Microsoft, TalkShow takes full advantage of Skype TX technology. If you are a broadcast engineer tasked with integrating live Skype interviews and remote locations into your show, your search is over. TalkShow is the answer.
TV Technology by Joey Gill Any broadcast facility that isn’t embracing and utilizing social media is likely missing the boat. However, until very recently, getting social media content to air—especially via Skype—has not been especially easy to do, or elegant. NewTek has taken the lead in making Skype a whole lot more broadcast-friendly with the release of its TalkShow VS-100 product. TalkShow is really slick and is compatible with mobile devices. It’s evident to me that some folks quite knowledgeable in the broadcasting business put this thing together. (While I didn’t study it before my evaluation, NewTek provides a product tip sheet on their website. “Remote Caller Guide” provides tips on lighting, talent placement, camera quality and more. It’s kind of a “one sheet” for production.) Incorporating social media into broadcasting is the future and it’s here now. NewTek’s TalkShow makes this much easier to do. read more...

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