Tweets from Avid’s Committed to the Professional event

The Editblog on PVC by Scott Simmons

No blockbuster news but there seemed to be a few surprises from what I could tell.

On Wednesday evening Avid held its Committed to the Professional event on the Warner Brothers Studio lot in Burbank California. The event was announced just over a week ago in a blog post by Avid’s CEO. I would have loved to attend the gathering but since it was in California and I’m in Tennessee it just wasn’t meant to be. But there were some tweets that came out of the event by the #livetoedit hashtag.

UPDATE: More images and another tweet about 3rd party hardware.

Here’s the highlights (as far as images and twitter tweets) that I saw come out of this event. And I guess since the disclaimer image below was tweeted it’s appropriate to show it here:

Here’s a few from @robtheeditor:

  • The choice between #avid and #fcp was never about $$$ it was about buzzwords that producers learned. #livetoedit
  • Avid’s educational plan is great $295 gets you 4 years of upgrades #livetoedit
  • 3D, 7.1, new U.I., Kona, Decklink, Matrox, Bluefish support coming soon #livetoedit


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