Twitter Tips for Avid Media Composer Editors

Toolbox by Jonny Elwyn

If you’re an editor using Avid Media Composer, the chances are you’ve been editing for years and have a few tips you can share with all the newbies out there (like me!). Thanks to editors who tweet, you can learn from the best.

With some of these tweets its well worth clicking through to see the full conversational thread for even more tips and tricks.

  • Josh Short @shortedits #Shortcut of the day: Is your title offline in @Avid Media Composer? Under Clip menu, select "Create Unrendered Title Media" to get it back.
  • Shane Ross @comebackshane @Avid tip: the more things you can map to the keyboard, the better. Map CUSTOM SIFT and SHOW UNSIFTED to make searching bins much faster.
  • Andrew McKee @PixelWizard1 When conforming in @MediaComposer colour source clips & enable Source in Clip Colour so you can see whats relinked.
  • Wim Van den Broeck @editorbelga A quick guide on how to set up Output Masks in @avid @MediaComposer 7 #NoRenderNeeded #avid #mediacomposer #postchat

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