Two blazing fast G-Technology SSDs for content creators

If you are looking for a storage drive there are many options and it can be confusing to find the drive that is right for you. Check out this review from redsharknews about The G-Drive Mobile Pro and The G-Drive Pro from G-technology to help you narrow down the drive that is best for your workflow


The choice available for SSDs now is growing all the time. We take a look at two options from G-Technology that promise blazing speeds, and durability.

When you are looking for a storage drive there are now countless options available, from credit card sized drives through to big desktop models. The two I’m reviewing here will suit those looking for a rugged system to take out into the field, and one that will be more at home on your desktop without taking up too much space. The G-Drive Mobile Pro, and the G-Drive Pro.

The G-Drive Mobile Pro

The G-Drive Mobile Pro comes with the big promise of 2800MB/s transfer speeds. I’ll talk about this in the real world in just a moment, but let’s start with the build quality.Angle.jpg

The G-Drive Mobile Pro looks lovely. It really does. I know that the looks of a storage drive technically shouldn’t be in the forefront of users minds, but I do love good industrial design, and true to G-Technology’s previous form the Mobile Pro doesn’t disappoint. It looks great. From the metallic ends (I’m not sure if they are actually metal or not) through to the rubberised main body with a grill that allows you to see the aluminium blue heatsink chassis beneath, G-Technology has clearly taken things seriously in the looks more

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