Two New Ways to Control the Atomos Neon

Atomos is excited to announce two news ways to control the Atomos Neon. The Neon is available in 17" and 24" and are both precision on-set and in-studio HD HDR production monitor-recorder featuring 1000Nit full screen brightness, 0Nits deep black and wide colour gamut accuracy. 

In addition to the iOS app, Atomos introduces Neon users to the Atomos Button Bar Remote Control unit and the AtomRemote desktop app. Now Neon users will have the option to control Neon in multiple ways and bring more flexibility to the functionality of Neon.

Neon - Atomos Button Bar Remote Control Unit
The Neon Button Bar Remote Control Unit provides users with the option to have a hard-wired control unit for the device. The Atomos Button Bar Remote Control Unit is not available yet, but will be very soon.

Key Features 

  • Tactile control provides fast access of NEON’s tool set, record command and playback clip review
  • Rugged construction to meet the demands of production.
  • Non-proprietary single hardwired connection for control and power.
  • Flexible mount options with anti-rotation 3/8” or 1/4” 20 thread mount.
  • Full length NATO rail.
  • Backlit buttons with adjustable levels and available tools displayed on the NEON display.

NEON Desktop App - AtomRemote
The AtomRemote desktop app extends to any MAC, running Catalina or higher. The desktop app is a helpful tool allowing users to wirelessly access and configure the input and colour pipeline and quickly access tools to check clips for focus, exposure, and turn your scopes on/off for image analysis. The AtomRemote desktop app is available now in the app store


Learn more about Atomos here!


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