Ultimate S 2.0 is now available from VASST

Ultimatte SThe latest version of Ultimate S 2.0 is now available. We have really concentrated this release on exploiting the deeper features of Vegas 6. There are tools to import veg files into a master project and retain the markers, tools to save and trim projects with nested veg files (Vegas does not save and trim the nested project but we do), some convenience features like the ability to save pan/scan presets, improved marker manipulation, etc. You can read all about it here. The 5 most advanced new features are: QuadCAM: Four camera editing with custom tally indicators, real-time switching, and built-in Shuttle Pro support Lower Thirds: A collection of 4 new graphics overlays packages called GrafPaks with animated lower thirds that you can just drop in and use or apply, push, dissolve etc. with a single push of a button. GrafPak-1 & 2 are included in Ultimate S2. GrafPak-2 Wedding and GrafPak-3 Worship are available for purchase. Special FX: Compositing FX like Water Color Painting, Pencil Sketch, Romance Look, etc. to give an artistic quality to your videos. Audio Mastering Plug-In: A DirectX plug-in from iZotope ® custom made for VASST is included along with AudioPak-1, a package of 38 Track and Mastering presets specifically designed for voice over, mastering, and special fx. 4 New ReelPaks: There are now 5 ReelPaks in all with film looks from the past, Classic TV, and Hollywood looks. These can now be added to a track, events, or master video bus. Ultimate S 2.0 is beyond just a scripting tool for editing convenience. It is a one-stop, multi-cam, film look, audio mastering, lower thirds, special fx tool; to not only keep you more productive, but improve the quality of your productions with the new content. No other scripting tool provides this. Click here for more Ultimate S info

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