Unboxing the Epiphan Pearl Nano

Video production Specialist Adam Noyes unboxes the Epiphan Pearl Nano.

The Epiphan Pearl Nano is perfect for places where you might not need all of the features of the Pearl Mini or Pearl 2. This is a small, compact, rugged video streamer and recorder that’s easy to use, versatile, and provides professional quality streams.

This system is the perfect set it & forget it unit built for one channel live streaming! The Pearl Nano is amazing for - but not limited to - your house of worship, or school environment for mixed or online classes. 

Use the Pearl Nano's amazing online UI to build a customized layout for PiP or branding! Record using an SD card or utilize the SSD Expansion bay located on the bottom of the unit. 

Use the HDMI Pass Through perfect for IMAGs in a House of Worship or Lecture Hall! 

Adam walks through many of the Pear Nano's amazing features here! But if you'd like to learn more, check out these amazing videos!

Watch our Product Spotlight on the Epiphan Pearl Nano here!

Watch the Videoguys Live Webinar with George Herbert here!

Learn more about Epiphan here!


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