Understanding Avid Media Composer 8

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Avid Media Composer 8.1 was recently released, which has brought with it a bevy of new improvements, which you can find out all about in this post. But if you are on an older version of Avid and still haven?t moved to one of Avid?s new licensing options to get the upgrade, is now the time to do so? These questions will be answered too.

But before we get to all that you should definitely check out the latest Avid Rough Cut with Alan Bell A.C.E. on editing the VFX heavy The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Avid. (Though you will have to hand over your contact details for the privilege.)

When Avid announced Media Composer version 8, it was also the start of a new era in how you can actually buy the software. Like Adobe before them, Avid have moved to a subscription model which starts at $49.99/month for an annual contract or $74.99 for a monthly rolling contract. Whether you should sign up to Avid?s new subscription model depends on a few factors.

If you already own Media Composer 6.5 or 7 and you want to keep getting the updates that will arrive in 2015, then you will want to wait to pay for the $299/year support contract till sometime in late December, that way your 1 year support contract clock will start at the last possible moment, but you do need to do it before the end of 2014! read more...

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If you already own a version of Media Composer or Symphony you will be able to upgrade before December 31, 2014 for just $285.

What you will purchase for $285 is NOT an upgrade, it is an annual support package that includes free upgrades, updates and patches for a full year.
There are two flavors of this annual support contract, one for Media Composer owners and one for Symphony owners. The annual support package does not include any 3rd party software, but you can keep using the 3rd party software you already own, although you may require an upgrade from the 3rd party software vendor.?

1 Year Annual Support Plan & Renewal 1 Year Annual Support Plan & Renewal for Teachers, Students & Institutions

for Media Composer owners

for Symphony owners

Avid is giving existing MC & Symphony owners until December 31st, 2014 to purchase an annual support plan. If you do not purchase a support plan by then, you will not be able to upgrade your software without buying a new perpetual license. If at any time you decide to stop buying support, you will still own your perpetual license along with any and all upgrades you downloaded and installed while under your support contract.

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