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360 Michael Kintner of 360Rize wrote this article to announce more than 15 camera housings for 360 Video

Uni360 now supports over 15 different camera housings for 360 Video

The Uni360 is built to last with its solid aluminum core and support arms is proud to say its the world’s first universal HD 360 Video gear that now supports over 15 different HD action camera models that can produce HD 360 Video with resolutions as high as 12,000 by 6,000 pixels in some cases.
Previously its patented predecessor the 360H6 only supported the GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 cameras. However the new patented Uni360 360 Plug-n-Play 360 video gear has risen to whole new levels of providing 360 video content producers more options into producing High Definition 360 video content. With its new release it supports all versions of the GoPro Action camera models using its universal externalhousing connections. The GoPro Hero Session, Hero2, Hero3, Hero4 and Hero5 cameras all have in common the bottom center mounts providing a secure and solid connection to the Uni360’s solid aluminum core and its support arms. So it’s Good-bye 3D printed parts and hello to Pro-Consumer grade aluminum that is built to last and supports a whole array of action cameras. 360 In additional we are extremely excited to announce that the 360Rize Uni360 also supports the Yi Technology series of action cameras which are the new rivals to the GoPro action cameras. The Yi cameras utilize the new Ambarella Amba H2 SOC chip which is a significant upgrade from its successors A9SE used in the Yi 4K. The new chip consumes less power with high quality results allowing producers to film longer without overheating with the ability to sync the cameras together. Additional action cameras that the Uni360 supports is the Garmin VIRB , Veho Muvi K-Series and dozens more that can use the universal bottom GoPro compatible type support. Read the full article here.

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