Upgrade & Reinstatement Offer for Avid Media Composer Still Available

media composer reinstatement still available

Avid editors who currently own Avid Media Composer v3.0 or higher, Avid Symphony v3.0 or higher or Avid NewsCutter v7.0 or higher, qualify for this special limited time offer. Note: Avid Meridien and Xpress systems do not qualify. What’s new in Avid Media Composer 8.8? 4K. UHD. HDR. New codecs. More content. Tighter deadlines. Can you handle it all? If you're using an older version of Media Composer, Symphony, or NewsCutter, you might not be equipped to get the work you want.
  • Media Composer | ScriptSync® 2.0 Option support: Automatically sync scenes and takes to your script through phonetic indexing; this updated version of ScriptSync features a more powerful phonetic engine, script line numbering, an updated color palette, and script editing functionality
  • Media Composer | PhraseFind™ 2.0 Option support: Makes finding clips faster and easier through phonetic dialog indexing; this updated version of PhraseFind features a more powerful phonetic engine with support for shorter phoneme phrases, auto-fill in search field, and faster indexing times
Other features:
  • Video cache in Effects Mode for faster performance
  • Enable bin sharing on storage emulating Avid ISIS®/Avid NEXIS™
  • Timeline Clip Comments
Reinstatement offer extended through July 28, 2017 but all codes MUST be activated in your Avid account by July 31, 2017. STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?

See our Upgrade & Reinstatement Offer FAQ

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