Upgrade Your Production Game with Atomos Ninja Bundles

Now through April 30th 2024, bundle the Atomos Ninja (or Ninja Ultra) with Atomos Connect and you'll also get a 6-month subscription to Atomos' Camera-to-Cloud plus the 5" accessory kit complete with batteries, a fast-charger, screen protector and travel case! That's right... this bundle includes so much added value that we had pull even more from the Atomos Cloud!

Ninja                           $599.00
Atomos Connect        $299.00
Accessory Kit             $249.00
6-Month Cloud Sub   $90.00
Subtotal                      $1,237.00
Savings                     -$539.00
BUNDLE TOTAL   $698.00

Ninja Ultra                  $799.00
Atomos Connect        $299.00
Accessory Kit             $249.00
6-Month Cloud Sub   $90.00
Subtotal                      $1,437.00
Savings                     -$539.00
BUNDLE TOTAL   $898.00

New Products Announced at NAB Coming Soon!

Ninja your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max into a 1600nit, 10-bit, 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 460ppi, HDR OLED, ProRes monitor-recorder for any pro HDMI camera

The world’s first sun spectrum, HDR, waterproof, wireless DMX, 2000 lumen 5-color LED, mount-anywhere, lightweight flexible production and cinema strip light

**Note: Ninja Phone and Sun Dragon are expected to arrive June 2024

Explore More of Atomos

7-inch monitor-recorder with integrated networking for cloud workflows, ideal for DSLR, mirrorless & cinematic cameras. More codecs & monitoring tools than ever.

Shogun Ultra is everything you’d expect from a Shogun. Perfect for HDMI mirrorless and SDI cinematic cameras, with enhanced camera to cloud connectivity.

Capture, edit and post your social media content in the fastest possible way. 5" Network connected monitor & encoder

The Atomos Connect, when paired with the Ninja V/V+, turns cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras into fully integrated devices for advanced cloud-based workflows.








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