USB-C: One Plug To Rule Them All!

Do you know what USB stands for? It's strange to think, but not everybody does. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and ever since it's debut, every implementer has been working to create a "universal" part of the USB equation.

The Promise of One Plug to Rule Them All

USB-C holds a lot of promise to the technology community. Especially for consumers, this version of USB was very attractive- no more mysterious upside down rotation both ways.

USB-C is built light, perfect for lightweight gadgets, such as tablets and smartphones.

A single universal port is appealing to product designers who are always working to tame a hodgepodge of ports, each with different size, shape, and mechanical strain requirements. Replacing them all with a single neat row of USB-C ports sounds like paradise

To learn more about USB-C and other USB Formats, Check out the full article here

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