Use Filmic Pro to bring multiple iPhones or iPads into Yolobox!

One of the most requested features of the YoloLiv YoloBox is the ability to bring in smart phone feeds or a feed from a tablet or touch screen device similar to an iPad. The YoloBox harnesses a tremendous amount of power for a small tablet device, with the capability to switch between two HDMI sources and one USB source. There are also on board graphics, and the ability to build custom graphics.

iOgrapher on YouTube creates great videos showcasing some of the latest advancements in smartphones and live streaming technology. They have devised a method to get an iPhone or iPad feed into the YoloBox for an even more portable multi-cam setup.

Check out their video on the topic, below.

Use Filmic Pro to get a clean HDMI output from your IOS device and then output it into Yolobox!
Ok, I finally gave in and tried the YOLOBOX. I am now a believer in this all in one multi cam live stream machine! I connected 2 iPhones using Filmic Pro HDMI OUT and a Logitec webcam for a 3rd angle and it was easy breezy.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about YoloBox HERE.

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