Use the VCR Cue Mode in NewTek TriCaster for Live Events

Studio Monthly Tutorial by Ryan Tucker tricaster These simple steps illustrate how easy TriCaster is to set up and use, and the possibilities are endless. With the edit interface you can quickly put together a highlight reel during a break, adding effects or slow motion to a clip, and use it as cover video during your next segment. This is great for sports and event coverage where you may need to spice up down time. With creative shots or digital video tracks you can make great backgrounds for CGs or credits. It’s a fun and easy-to-use system and, with a little creativity, you can make it look like you did a full-scale live production with a product that can fit in a backpack. STEP 1: Set up your cameras TriCaster’s VCR Cue mode will automatically roll a video clip whenever you switch from a camera to the VCR. Better than that, it’ll switch back to a camera automatically when the video clip ends. First, connect your cameras to TriCaster’s video inputs, open the Camera Setup tab in the lower half of the Live Production screen and assign either Composite or S-Video for each video source. read more...

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