Use your Legacy Cameras in Today's Live Production Workflow

Many people entering the realm of live video production already have cameras and gear that can be integrated into a live production workflow.  However, it can be hard to get started.  We're here to help, with this week's webinar.

Today's show is all about integrating your legacy cameras and equipment with modern gear for today's live production workflows.  Host, Gary Bettan, breaks down some of the best supplemental encoding equipment and gear to get your workflow up to speed.  

Check out the webinar, below.

How can I use my Existing Cameras and Video Gear in a Modern Live Streaming Workflow?

Churches, schools and even corporate AV rooms often have existing cameras and gear that they invested a lot of money in. 

Cameras can be used to:

  1. Upgrade your Zoom/ Teams / Meets conference
  2. Upgrade your YouTube/ Facebook / Podcast live streams
  3. Used as secondary cameras in a multi-cam production 
  4. Converted to an NDI source available anywhere on your network.

How can I bring my Legacy Cameras into Video Conferencing or Live Streaming?

  • HDMI to USB encoders are available to bring cameras with HDMI outputs into your computer as a USB webcam
  • Some HDMI switchers also feature a USB program out that performs the same function
  • HDMI to USB encoders are available in many different form factors and price ranges

Check out this chart on USB to HDMI video grabbers and encoders to input into Zoom


How can I upgrade my Video Conferencing Capabilities with my Existing Equipment?

  • Use Old Cameras to Complement your New PTZ Camera or Other Investment as Secondary Cameras to Create a Multi-Cam Production
  • Using multiple cameras and switching throughout is a great way to boost engagement in your Zoom or Teams call
  • There are a number of affordable switchers with USB output that can feed multiple cameras directly into your zoom call
  • There are also switchers that can be paired with an HDMI to USB encoder to feed into your zoom call

Check out this workflow using a Switcher with USB output with Zoom in the Classroom

​Check out this Chart of Inexpensive Mixers with Encoders to Add Production to Zoom/Teams/Meet

How can I stream to a CDN with my Existing Gear?

  • Add an encoder to your workflow to get started streaming to the CDN of your choice
  • Encoders will also eliminate the need to stream from a computer, making your workflow more portable
  • Different encoders will work better for different workflows

​Check out this chart with options to Pair your Existing Camera with an Entry Level Encoder to Stream​ to YouTube, Facebook, Etc.

How can I integrate my Existing HDMI Cameras into my NDI Workflow?

  • NDI Encoders are available from NewTek and BirdDog
  • NDI Encoders let you take the HDMI or SDI signal out of an existing camcorder or other device and bring it into your NDI Network
  • Allows you to use existing GigE network to send NDI video Turns your camera/ device into an NDI source and makes it available to every other NDI aware product on the network

NDI Encode vs NDI Decode:

  • NDI Encode will take an HDMI or SDI signal, and converts it to NDI
  • NDI Decode will take an NDI signal, and convert it back into HDMI or SDI

Check out this Graph Detailing which NDI Converter may be Right for You


I want an Encoder and Switcher that can Handle Higher End Workflows and Bring in old HDMI Sources and NDI Sources

  • Add an Encoder or live streaming production system to get the most from your traditional in-house production
  • Many higher end switchers and production systems allow for HDMI camera sources to mix with SDI and NDI
  • Greater customization is available in full production systems
  • These units will drastically upscale the quality of your production

Check out this Chart Detailing Different Production Systems for a Studio Live Stream

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