Use Zoom to Become a Video Conferencing Power User

With more and more people in every business working from home, many organizations are turning to Zoom Video Conferencing to continue communications. This includes live streamers looking to pull guests into their workflow. It also expands to people using Multi-Camera setups to integrate into their Zoom call for higher quality. released a great article covering tips for your video conferencing, that will separate you as a pro. We're going to take a look at some of the particulars listed in this article.

The Particulars

Sharing your Screen

Sharing your screen is a great way to add elements into your Zoom call, whether you're creating a stream with a remote guest, or you're simply participating in a meeting.

Sharing your screen is an important way to spread information to everyone on your call. To share your screen, there is a big green button in the middle of the task bar.

Why is Everything Backwards?

It's important to remember that Zoom mirrors your video feed. Whether your sharing your stream, or an accurate picture of yourself, it's important to remember that the receiver is picking up the call with a flipped image.

However, this setting can be changed by going to your video settings, and unchecking "Mirror my Video".

What about an Old School Phone Call?

If you don't want to be on video, you can also communicate via only audio. Zoom allows for audio only calls. What sets it apart from a regular phone call is the higher quality of sound- you're call will beat the quality of a cell phone, hands down.

Virtual Backgrounds

A great feature within Zoom is the ability to add virtual backgrounds. This can both mask your location if need be, or just inject some fun into your zoom call.

Although most of these may seem like extra steps, or arbitrary tips- seasoned streamers will know that all the small precautions you take will lead to a much better stream, or in this case, video chat.

Check out the full article from HERE.

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