User Review: Epiphan Pearl-2 Streaming Hardware

The Epiphan Pearl-2 4K feature add-on gives you 4K encoding and streaming capabilities. With this add-on activated you can create a 4K program comprised of up to 2 4K inputs and 2 HD or IP camera inputs. Reliable, simple live streaming with Pearl-2’s integrated live video production workflow. Joseph Linaschke reviews the Epiphan Pearl-2 in this informational video below.

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It's time to see what this Pearl-2 can do! *** Patrons like yourself will make PhotoJoseph’s Photo Moments able to continue on. If you enjoyed this video, please visit and consider supporting the show! *** Well, it can…Capture 6 video sources at once, Switch video sources live, Simultaneously live stream to YouTube and Facebook, it has a Custom layout builder, it can record your content, auto or custom setup for a stream, and more.

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