Using Atomos Ninja V as a PORTABLE 4K 60FPS capture device

The Atomos Ninja V is a great tool for both high end videographers and DSLR users alike. These monitor/recorders are light weight, easy to use and plug and play.

The Ninja V is not only great for monitoring your content as it is being created- as it will be seen by your audience, it also doubles as a great portable 4K capture device.

With the ability to capture video at 4K 60FPS directly to a portable SSD drive, Ninja V is a no brainer.

Check out this video review of the Atomos Ninja V from Tech HD

Looking for One Topic? Check Out These Timecodes to Skip to the Part you Need.

  1. What you will need: 00:27
  2. Setting up everything (XB1X & PS4 PRO): 00:55
  3. Benefit #1: 02:06
  4. Benefit #2: 03:07
  5. Benefit #3: 04:24
  6. Benefit #4: 05:10
  7. Side by Side Comparison (SDR vs HDR10): 06:03
  8. Overall thoughts: 06:34

Check out the video on YouTube HERE

Learn more about the Atomos Ninja V HERE

Learn more about the entire Atomos Product Line HERE

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