Using Avid Media Composer to Create Content for Mobile

The landscape of content creation has been changing rapidly, as more and more mobile platforms become available for content to be viewed. This has expanded from live streaming and into the post production world. Avid has released a great guide on creating content for major mobile phone apps like Quibi!

Quibi stands for "Quick Bites: with each episode lasting eight to ten minutes- and more and more platforms are adapting to this model.  The way people consume content is rapidly changing.  Luckily, post production super giants like Avid are here to help. 


One of the most important pieces of specific content creation is aspect ratio.  For example, creating content that will be viewed on smartphone apps like SnapChat, Instagram and TikTok, requires a vertical aspect ratio.  

  • Shoot for a mobile-first aspect ratio, prioritizing the vertical frame.
  • Reformat 16:9 traditional media into a 9:16 aspect ratio by resizing and reframing the media.

Check out the full article from Avid for more Tips.

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