Using Avid Xpress Studio Workflow Guide

Xpress Studio What a great document!! We found it while searching in the Avid support knowledge base. Not only is this extremely useful to purchasers of Xpress Studio, it is a great way for potential owners to get a better understanding about what makes Xpress Studio so amazing! Congratulations on your purchase of the Avid Xpress Studio package of editing applications. You can use your applications to create broadcast-quality output incorporating every possible production element from full-speed, high-resolution footage, to multimedia artwork and animation, to computer-generated effects and titling. Once you create a sequence in Avid Xpress Pro, you can enhance it with highquality titling and effects in Avid FX, with 3D elements in Avid 3D, and with audio processing in Avid Pro Tools LE. You can then encode it for DVD production in Avid DVD by Sonic. This document outlines the flow of your work going to and from the applications of Avid Xpress Studio. This guide is intended for all users, from beginning to advanced. click here to download the guide (pdf 5 meg)

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